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Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...

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Idea title: Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...

One Sentence description: Where have we come when the act of CARE, SHARE, and RESPECT has been so proliferated by corporate labels and a lot of social procurement guff?

Addressing topic: Social Procurement Challenge

Team members: Chris Figg MAICD and Sharon Kinchela, Directors and Co-Founders of Ngiyani Pty Ltd

Provide an overview of your solution and how it solves the problem along with a short description of your inspiration behind the idea:

The authors Directors of Ngiyani Pty Ltd, a 100% Aboriginal owned Australian company, are acutely aware that they often present in the corporate world as disruptive. We are not afraid of challenging existing norms with ideas nobody else has thought of. However enshrined in our corporate values are our cultural ways of knowing, being, and doing, thus when we challenge we do this with the utmost dignity, respect, and honesty.

The authors apologise in advance to the panel and Eidos for what we are about to say. When we viewed the challenge video we actually despaired watching it. We got a little excited watching that portion where Sally Kelly (UQ Law School) spoke about effective altruism. We thought now she is on the right track. We respectfully pose this question back to the assembled thought leader panel  “Where on earth have we come when the act of care, share and respect has been so proliferated by guff that governments of all persuasions and so called "social enterprises" have forgotten those basic tenets?”

The question posed for this challenge is erroneous. It is based on artificial labels. Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are really used to artificial labels (like the picture of the warrior breast plate below). There are just so many corporate labels, sole trader, company limited by guarantee, joint venture, consortia, incorporated association, charitable trust etc etc.

The authors thought carefully about their so called “cooperate governance” when establishing their “social enterprise”. We are a proprietary company registered under ASIC that has values that align with social justice. We operate like a “social enterprise” and our vision to economically emancipate our First Nation peoples. True. “Billions of dollars” are apparently spent on our people through “social procurement”, and yet that gap is widening. What’s not working? There is no real comprehension about how we do business as a people. SolutionembarassedRead on


Describe your solution in detail, providing a high-level business plan addressing how you would implement your solution:

Given what we have just said about artificial labels, we again respectfully suggest to the panel we cannot limit 70,000+ years of our cultural ways of knowing, being, and doing into a 800 word “business plan” – another corporate business label. Please do not misunderstand us, corporate rigour is necessary, we advocate it in the corporate world who are used to see things packaged into plans, strategies, policies, programs etc.

Put simply, Ngiyani Pty Ltd, operating as a social enterprise itself, is committed to building “Thuulu Wii-Australia’s First Nation Peoples Business Alliance”. Yes, it is an economic movement to emancipate the first inhabitants of this great country we all call home.

We are attaching the links to our two papers published on LinkedIn.

Ngiyani are doing that without any government grants or loans. How are we paying for the initial build? We have been doing some work with corporates to help build their cultural capacity to work with our people.

We would love to build Thuulu Wii with all its bells and whistles but where we have landed due to cost impediments because of restrictions on grant offerings is this - 

Phase 1 of Thuulu Wii will be a prototype. We are testing the black business arena nationally to gauge (for the future) whether a community led portal auspiced by an NGO which can reapply the monies back into the community membership. We have not set a subscription fee for Thuulu Wii in the first instance for this very purpose. Thuulu Wii will only operate where there is a collaborative energy to make it happen. Ngiyani are happy to host the site initially to determine the value add to community and economy of black business. This is Ngiyani’s national leadership and advocacy. Thuulu Wii has been entirely funded by the Co-Founders and Directors of Ngiyani with no assistance from government grants nor philanthropic investments or business loans. It has been paid for by the Directors through their own efforts to build the capacity of individuals, families, communities and corporates to better service our people.

 “Companies that solely focus on competition will ultimately die. Those that focus on value creation will thrive” Edward de Bono

Following our traditional lore, if we wanted to maximise sharing we worked from a position of of unity and collectivism. We chose to incorporate knowing it would limit ourselves from grant offerings and philanthropic gift giving that were really aimed at the Not for Profit sector. We have self invested in Phase 1 of Thuulu Wii, we belive we have been gifted this by our ancestors to implement and we won't be letting them down.

We have also been building our community membership alliance at

We therefore know there is a unity, power and strength in our black business who are part of our community. Many are what you would call "social enterprises" but we just call it "business". This is where Ngiyani have been doing what no other business, social enterprise or otherwise, has been doing in this country.


Outline the budget required to achieve the ambition of your idea:

A full build of the black business portal is estimated in excess of $100,000-$200,000. Ngiyani have contributed started up for the initial build for Phase 1. Phase 2 - all of your $25,000 will also enable us to propagate the alliance to the next level.

Partnerships are critical for a stronger idea and delivering a solution. Who are the key stakeholders within your idea? Is your solution the result of a collaborative approach? If not, are you looking to bring other partners along:

Our papers referred to in Question 2 amplify the partnerships that are necessary for the success of Thuulu Wii. We have no more to articulate in this regard and repeat and rely on our prior answer.

To strengthen the likelihood of success, a broad foundation of evidence is critical. What’s the evidence base that points towards your solution being a success? Is your solution addressing an unmet gap in the market:

Again we repeat and rely on our deliberate consideration contained in our papers referred to in the response to Question 2 above.

Who are the key beneficiaries of your solution:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, local, state and national economies can be shifted with the unity of and critical mass of a national alliance of a black business.

Do you have funding partners interested in your idea:

Not at this stage.We remain confident, if the ancestors wish it to happen it will.

Describe your most successful experience executing a solution to a problem:

Everyday in business in Ngiyani Pty Ltd. As we say our corporate experience and integrity will lay the foundation for social and economic freedom for our people.

Optional visual/picture/infographic that demonstrates your idea:

Please look at the circle in our paper on Thuulu Wii linked in Q2 above. There are no corners to hide in a circle.


Idea Opened: 04:45 PM, Friday 03 November 2017
Idea Closes: 06:00 PM, Friday 03 November 2017
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Idea Opened: 04:11 PM, Friday 03 November 2017
Idea Closes: 06:11 PM, Friday 03 November 2017
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Gayle Munn is now contributing to this idea Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...


Gayle Munn commented on the idea Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...

I love your ideas for an national Black Business Alliance.  I look forward to watching and supporting your progress

Blessings to you both.  

PS .... so we change the labels ... what an opportunity!! smile



Chris Figg is now contributing to this idea Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...


Chris Figg commented on the idea Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...

Indeed, and we at Ngiyani thank the panel sincerely for their confirmation that this is a sound approach to black business, and our peoples' economic emancipation in Australia.

If we look to other cross jurisdictional models, like the US for example, black business alliances have been in place for quite some time. In Australia, however we do not currently have a national black business alliance. So consequently compare, with all due respect to Supply Nation. That is, some would quite rightly argue simply a government procurement model for Indigenous business, and there are naysayers about its effectiveness in the black market. But, we would ask, how many mainstream or broader businesses use Supply Nation to procure? I do not wish to disrespect this procurement model at all by posing this question,because Ngyiani are indeed a recently registered supplier with them. As Ngiyani are too, for example, a member of our local Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. Chambers of Commerce, procurement models, consortia, entrepreneurs, partnerships, corporations, NFPs, social enterprises, etc etc etc are all just labels. Our people didn't need these labels thousands of years ago to do business our way.

Ngiyani is establishing a national black business alliance, therefore it can host any manner of procurement and other governance models. For your purposes, it is a black market economy model (tried and valued in other jurisdictions), and here it is being done by our people for our people. With the deepest of respect, the gap in Indigenous Australia is getting wider not smaller. Even the United Nations recently delivered us a scathing report. However, no government can do it for us, we must do it for ourselves and bring on an economic movement to emancipate our own selves. Underpinned by our cultural practices of doing business (tried and tested for 70000+ years) .

Thuulu Wii won't have any government intervention. The power of pooling all black businesses micro to super established into a national black business alliance wherein our people will be able to support each other (in a safe and cultural way), mentor, build their own supply chains, enter into any manner of their own consortia, networks, partnerships etc etc. One of your biggest challenges in Australia in starting up your own black business is knowing where your own local black supply chain exists. We hope to buy and support from our own people, other black businesses because we know that will build our local, community, and national economies.

By hosting Thuulu Wii, Ngiyani are not in competition with other "business models", like Supply Nation, which again is just a procurement model, that is not what a national black business alliance is about, it's really much bigger than that. Build our black economy, grow our capability in business, and our market power, which will result more readily in more black business procuring amongst themselves, and also be able to continue to build their capacity to do business with the wider corporate Australia.

In closing, a "good procurement" using your terms looks like lifting our people out of poverty with economic emancipation.

With much respect to the research panel.

Sharon Kinchela and Chris Figg


Ngiyani P/L


Challenges Support is now contributing to this idea Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...


Challenges Support commented on the idea Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...

Hi Chris Figg MAICD, the following came in from the research panel:

"It seems that the alliance is a solid idea and has potential, but what is the connection to procurement / good procurement?"


Chris Figg MAICD commented on the idea Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...

Thank you Matt, we appreciate your feedback. Best wishes from Ngiyani P/L which in our Gamilaraay language means We All.


Matt Perfect is now contributing to this idea Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...


Matt Perfect commented on the idea Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...

Thanks for sharing Chris. I look forward to reading more about Thuulu Wii and following your progress. It's  great that you are already working with corporates to promote greater inclusivity and understanding... we can all learn a lot from each other. Good luck. 


Chris Figg MAICD is now contributing to this idea Labelling is just gettin in the way of altruism and unity...


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Matt Perfect Founder and Impact Spender
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Chris Figg
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